About The Forgotten 45s...
Like most Americans who were around at the time, my family and I gathered around the TV on that Sunday night in February 1964 to see those four guys from Liverpool with the long hair play rock and roll on The Ed Sullivan Show. It...changed...everything! Later that spring I got my first transistor radio and tuned into the AM Top 40 station. It was loud, powerful and exciting! The music was pure magic and the DJs were wacky and zany. I knew I had to be part of it! Unfortunately, by the time I joined the party, things had already begun to change. The Beatles were gone and had given way to groups like Led Zeppelin. No one sang about hot rods anymore and Motown had passed its prime. Sure, there were still The Rolling Stones and The Bee Gees and a few others from the golden age of rock and roll, but things were different. Listeners moved from AM to FM and the fun seemed to disappear, so I moved on to other opportunities.

Yet, after all these decades, some of my best memories come from that transistor radio. It was always a dream of mine to do a radio show where I could recreate the sound of those magic days of Top 40 radio and play Forgotten 45s that so many stations ignore. Thanks to the great people at The United Stations Radio Network (founded by Dick Clark!) I was able to live the dream. However, after a few years I came to the conclusion I was probably a few years (decades!) too late. Nowadays, the 90s are nostalgia and the number of radio stations playing oldies from the golden age of rock and roll are dwindling.

As for me, it's time to have a little fun while there's still time to enjoy my health. Of course, I have fun doing The Forgotten 45s, so I'll keep it up online. I've met some truly great people and you can keep up with me via the website and Facebook.

Yours truly,
Bobby Bitman